Guidance helps New Zealand organisations track their greenhouse gas emissions

This month, the Ministry for the Environment has released fresh guidance for businesses and organisations wanting to track their emissions.

“In the last month we’ve seen both the Emissions Inventory and Environment Aotearoa reports released. These both show the need for action to reduce our emissions. This guidance can be used by all types and sizes of organisations to track their emissions and provide a platform to support informed decisions by New Zealand businesses,” says Director for Climate Change, Janine Smith.

The Measuring Emissions Guide assists organisations wishing to voluntarily measure and report their emissions. It explains how to produce an inventory, provides the latest emission factors for common sources of emissions in New Zealand, enables organisations to calculate their emissions through an interactive spreadsheet and provides examples to show what an emissions inventory and emissions report look like.

Last year saw more than 60 businesses commit publicly to reducing their emissions. The Climate Leaders Coalition, which now numbers more than 80 businesses, commits all its members to measuring their emissions and publicly reporting them.

“It’s great to see this leadership coming from New Zealand businesses. As we move forward we want to support all public and private organisations with the know-how to make emissions tracking the norm,” Janine Smith says.

By tracking their emissions, organisations can better understand their environmental impact, where their main sources of emissions come from and where improvements could be made.

For more information and to see the guides, click here


Source: Ministry for the Environment

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