New ProteinTECH conference is on the money

The new conference, ProteinTECH 2018, is planned for July 2018, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.


Synthetic meats and alternative protein sources are a hot topic around the globe currently, and the Innovatek team plan to open up discussions about the impact this will have on the New Zealand food and agribusiness sectors.


Federated Farmers have recently been told at their conference that alternative meat products are gathering popularity, after Sarah Crofoot reported back after experiencing the Impossible burger in the United States.

See this NZ Herald article for more information.


New Zealand farmers, such as Richard Morrison from Rangitikei, are already feeling the effects of an alternative protein market rising in popularity.

Read this Stuff News article for more on this.


For those in the New Zealand food science and agribusiness sector, this conference is a ‘must-do’. With both national and international speakers lined up, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear what the future holds for Aotearoa and her food production community.

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