ProteinTECH 2019: Jeremy Hill will be presenting!

Jeremy Hill, Chief Science and Technology Officer for Fonterra will be joining us at ProteinTECH 2019. Jeremy will be covering the importance of complementary nutrition to sustainability of the food system.

By 2030 there will be another 1 billion mouths to feed and over 2 billion more by 2050.  Finding solutions for how to sustainably feed a population of up to 10 billion people is one of the most pressing issues facing the world. With such impacts including the impact of food chains on climate change; and in response to the changing preferences of some consumers alternative ways of producing foods have been proposed as solutions including replacement of animal proteins with proteins from other sources such as plants, algae, insects and through biotransformation and fermentation.

To help address the challenge a range of New Zealand organisations are collaborating to better understand the science and develop a model that will frame discussions relating to the sustainability of food systems including the contributions and impacts from different sources of protein and other nutrients.

We can be confident in the credentials for demand of natural, grass fed dairy as a premium source of nutrition.  It is also likely that a combination of traditional and complementary nutrition sources will be required to meet the world’s increasing need for food, especially high quality bioavailable protein.

50% of farmers say they have little or no understanding of the actions they can take to reduce their farm emissions, let’s change this!

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