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10 July 2019

Speaker Profile: Aimee Charteris

Smart Natural Food Systems – It can be done! Significant opportunities exist for food producers to develop smart natural food systems that produce the most delicious and nutritious natural produce that focus on the well-being...

2 July 2019

Speaker Profile: Alison Dewes

Alison is a fifth generation farmer, veterinarian and ecologist. Her experience spans Dairying in NZ and Australia, production animal medicine, business development. She previously worked for Nestle Australia in Business Develo...

19 June 2019

Speaker Profile: Shaun Hendy

Shaun Hendy, Director of Toha NZ, will be presenting on Science, but not as we know it! “For the last century, science has been dominated by government with very little role for the public or communities in selecting, funding o...

12 June 2019

Speaker Profile: Bennie Hendricks

Bennie is the Executive General Manager of Life Health Foods, and will be presenting at ProteinTECH 2019! Bennie will share insights on what is motivating New Zealand consumers to choose more plant based foods, drawn from new l...

5 June 2019

Speaker Profile: Hazel MacTavish-West

From bleeding to nut-based “fake meats”, from “mylks” to mycelia: the plant-based protein market is rapidly evolving, and predicted to be worth USD$5.2bn by 2020 (an 8.4% growth from 2015). Europe will represent 39% of ...

22 May 2019

ProteinTECH Speaker Profile: Nick Pyke

Nick Pyke is a Director at AgInnovate – a consultancy service provider for agricultural businesses. Their focus is onsupporting innovation through high quality applied research designed and undertaken to ensure the outcomes fro...

1 May 2019

Farming in the Age of Disrupted Food

Alternative proteins, plant-based diets, climate change, evolving animal ethics. Welcome to the disrupted food system. As Kiwi food producers, now is the time to ask hard questions about how we got here and where we go next. Le...

1 May 2019

Opening the farm gates

Metaphorically speaking, dairy farmers have closed their farm gates in recent times for fear of criticism, but this now needs to change, says Federated Farmers dairy vice-chairman Wayne Langford. “The farm gates need to be open...

1 May 2019

Farmers must fight back now

Farmers need to engage emotionally with their sector’s environmental critics, highlighting their links to the land, Fairlie Basin farmer Mark Adams told Beef + Lamb’s annual meeting in Timaru. “We can come across as entit...

2 April 2019

Alternative proteins research published

Beef + Lamb NZ commissioned the study to better understand the shifts in food, food production technology and consumer trends and distinguish the hype from reality. The report shows alternative proteins are likely to become a m...

27 March 2019

Rod Oram: MC for ProteinTECH 2019

The global food system will change radically over the next few decades. Its goal is to deliver more and healthier food while contributing to the revitalisation of the ecosystem. Quite simply, the issues are healthy food and hea...

27 March 2019

Focusing on the need for farming change

The first woman to stand for director of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) says she wants to transform how richer countries farm animals, though she kept clear of suggesting any decrease in the global herd, writes...

17 March 2019

Is the future of meat animal-free?

Advances in cell culture research are moving the commercialization of clean meat closer to reality, potentially yielding significant benefits in the areas of food safety, food security, and sustainability. What is clean meat? A...

6 March 2019

Alternative protein reports published

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and Plant & Food Research have released their joint report: The evolution of plant protein – assessing consumer response. The report was commissioned to assess consumer responses to p...

5 March 2019

Impossible Foods launching in Singapore

Foodies in Singapore will soon have more veggie options to look forward to with the launch of Impossible Foods’ plant-based meat in March. Following an earlier launch in Hong Kong, the United States start-up late February anno...

22 June 2018

Science key to plant protein success

An upcoming food technology conference in Auckland on alternative proteins for food production will debate whether it’s a market challenge or a massive new opportunity for local producers. Science leaders here say the changin...

12 February 2018

New ProteinTECH conference is on the money

The new conference, ProteinTECH 2018, is planned for July 2018, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.   Synthetic meats and alternative protein sources are a hot topic around the globe currently, and the Innovatek team pl...

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24 July 2018

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