Speaker Profile: Hazel MacTavish-West

From bleeding to nut-based “fake meats”, from “mylks” to mycelia: the plant-based protein market is rapidly evolving, and predicted to be worth USD$5.2bn by 2020 (an 8.4% growth from 2015). Europe will represent 39% of that meat alternative spend, despite representing only 26% of the world’s grocery revenues across all food and drink, so significant is European demand for meat alternatives. This is a space that is growing and here to stay.

Hazel MacTavish-West recently reviewed developments in the plant-based sector as part of her Churchill Fellowship, and during this talk will highlight even more recent global and specific market and product trends. Products that mimic the taste, texture and satisfaction that comes from eating meat, and the resultant demand for new smoky and umami flavours. Branding that positions plant-based to appeal to the masculine meat eater. Get ready for a signposted stroll down the pathway that is plant-based perfection!

To read more about Hazel and her ventures, visit www.mactavishwest.com.au

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