Speaker Profile: Lee-Ann Marsh

Win-win outcomes for people + planet: How the red meat sector is transforming to meet market needs.

Transparency, safety, high quality nutrition, sustainable farming systems and ethical supply chains. The global market is shifting and premium consumers are increasingly demanding more from the companies they buy from. At the same time, New Zealanders’ expectations are not so different and there is an increasing concern over the environmental impacts of agriculture that are both seen and experienced at home.

To remain globally competitive and maintain our social license to operate, New Zealand’s red meat sector must seek to take a leadership role, innovate and set global standards for healthy and sustainable food production. There is acknowledgement and commitment to move beyond meeting market needs to actively anticipating them in a way that positively impacts communities and our environment.

In her presentation, Lee-Ann Marsh, Global Market Innovation Manager for Beef + Lamb New Zealand, will share some of the challenges the sector is facing and how it is addressing them to produce win-win outcomes for people and planet.

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